New Albany Walking Classic

A group of us here at Callard strapped on our sneakers and participated in the New Albany Walking Classic. Organized by the New Albany Walking Club, the Walking Classic is the largest walking-only race in America drawing over 4,000+ walkers from all over the nation – and it just so happens to be in our own backyard. Callard has always felt a sense of pride in the home of our headquarters in New Albany. We believe everyone should give back to the place that made them who they are – and that’s exactly what we did.

After walking for 10 kilometers, you learn what gadgets and gear can help you keep calm and carry on. Shout out to the vendors at the finish line: Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, Brio, Thirty-One Gifts, Velvet Ice Cream and Panera were a few of our staff favorites.

Planning your own race in the future? We help outfit many. Here are our top three products that we feel are race-worthy:


  1. Elastic Head Bands
  2. Running Waist Pack
  3. Running Wristband
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