Save Money and Go Custom by Planning Ahead

We’ve reached year-end, big picture planning time. Buckling down and doing some thoughtful planning for your company’s promotional marketing needs could not only save you lots of money, but also could open the opportunity for designing completely custom items.

When a company is able to take a good look at their marketing plan and begin planning six months out or more for their core promotional items, the potential benefits are huge. Being able to plan for annual usage of certain products opens opportunity to save and the chance to be creative in designing promotional items.

Callard Promo Marketing Warehouse

“Let’s say you realize you’re going through 1,000 pens a month, we can offer huge savings by purchasing 12,000 at once,” Guetle explains.

And thanks to Callard’s warehousing capabilities, those big, annual orders can be stored off-site for up to one year at no cost to the client—a huge perk for businesses where space is at a premium.


Callard logo cap and shirt

Many companies take advantage of Callard’s Hold and Release program for popular items like T-shirt and hats. Commit to a year-long quantity of at least 1,000 T-shirts or hats and take advantage of the cost savings of ordering in bulk while avoiding the hassle of multiple orders. Clients don’t pay until items are shipped!

Beyond storage, Callard can handle item fulfillment on a weekly or monthly basis. Callard can pick, pack and ship needed items, billing clients based on specifications as items are shipped.


Ogio Collection

Now let’s talk about global sourcing. The potential cost savings from ordering overseas is huge—anywhere from 20% to 30%—but many companies fail to take advantage because their timelines are too short to accommodate longer production times. Plan far enough out to work with turnaround times that can range from 45 days up to 120 days, and you’ll be rewarded with much lower prices.

Custom Bags

Not only that, but going global allows clients the opportunity to design their own custom products, choosing the style, colors and decorating method to match their branding seamlessly. From one-of-a-kind bags to completely custom apparel, the possibilities are endless. Custom orders typically require high quantities, which can easily be stored in Callard’s warehouse.

“Rather than buying a tote bag right off the shelf, we can take a stock tote and modify it with a custom zipper pull, custom tag, custom pocket,” Guetle says, “or even design something completely custom from start to finish.”


Easton Umbrella

For these Easton umbrellas, Callard was able to take an umbrella and customize it with an all-over graphic creating a one of a kind gift item.

“Our creative team offers exceptional design capabilities across multiple product categories to give you the best in new, relevant products,” Guetle says. “Whether you want to modify an existing product or design one from scratch, we make your idea a reality from concept and design to delivery.”



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