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They were present at monumental moments in your life – signing your first mortgage, writing a note to someone you care about or perhaps mapping out a business plan that has brought you to where you are today. Writing instruments are a vital part of our daily lives. Despite the age of technology, pens remain irreplaceable. One pen can make 15 brand impressions each day. It remains the most popular brand promotion item with 93 percent of people citing them as useful.

There’s Truth in Numbers

If you’re reading this at your desk, chances are high that you have a writing instrument with a logo on it somewhere near you at this very moment. 56 percent of U.S. consumers own logoed writing instruments. But if you are a woman, you’re four percent more likely than men to own one. If you play cornhole and know what tater tot casserole is – AKA you’re a Midwesterner – you’re well above the U.S. average at 68 percent. Across all demographics, one thing is for certain – custom pens are sure to give your brand the most bang for your buck.

There’s Proof in Promotion

Columbus CEO recently released an article telling the story behind the “Ubiquitous Huntington Pen.” The famous green pens have made their way around the world from military bases in Afghanistan to movie sets in Hollywood. They’ve created quite a buzz and have been a means for connection across seemingly unrelated industries. The sightings of the pens have even inspired Huntington to begin collecting “pen stories.” To date, Huntington has given away nearly 32 million pens. After you consider that each pen will make on average 15 impressions per day, it’s evident that such a simple tool has a complex pay-off.

There’s Drive in Design

From colorful and quirky to impressive and professional, there’s a design that stays true to your brand:

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