What do you get when you combine thousands of suppliers, promotional consultants and industry associates from around the globe? The Promotional Products Association International Expo! January will mark the largest promotional product tradeshow of the year and Callard is ready to roll the dice in Las Vegas with the best-of-the-best in the industry. Several key members of the Callard team will be traveling west to soak up the sun and some industry news as part of our commitment to bring our clients the latest and greatest of promotional products.

Here’s the top six reasons we’re pumped for the PPAI Expo:

  1. It’s Bound to Be Big With New Ideas

From the size of the show floor and new product pavilion at the Mandalay Bay (you could fit 15 White Houses in the room) to the 1,300 exhibitors registered, this event is bound to be big with over 11,000 expected attendees. The first-ever product pavilion will feature new ideas and award-winning products for 2016. We can’t wait!

  1. Keynote: Seth Godin

Seth Godin, the author of 18 bestselling books around the world, is this year’s keynote speaker. As the former Vice President of Direct Marketing at Yahoo!, Godin will be speaking on out-of-the-box ideas that will further our presence in the industry.

  1. What Happens in Vegas…

We’re ready to be inspired by the long list of attendees and buzzing energy of The Entertainment Capital of The World, including Tourneau Inc. and TUMI, that will compliment our already buzzing idea zone.

  1. Incentives Galore

The brand pavilion, an incentive products showcase, features high-end retail products ideal for our corporate clients. We’re looking forward to seeing the cutting edge designs behind brands like Bose Corporation, Nikon Inc., Sony Electronics and more!

  1. Your Network Makes the Dream Work

The PPAI Expo offers networking opportunities to make connections with leading industry professionals. The Callard team has always loved this component, as networking and idea sharing is why we have not missed this show in 15 years.

  1. It’s Our (logoed) Cup of Tea

Callard is no stranger to products made right here in the USA. The PPAI Expo features a pavilion dedicated solely to products made in America which will help us expand our existing Idea Zone.

To stay up-to-date on our trip to Las Vegas for the PPAI Expo, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as the event nears on January 10-14th.



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