Callard with Kalmbach Livestock Feed Company

When Kalmbach Feeds approached Callard, the 53-year-old company was looking to ramp up its presence. The family-owned business had built a great reputation over the years among livestock producers for its high-quality bulk feed products, but was seeking new ways to engage with longtime dealers and customers.

Callard worked with the Kalmbach team to put together a collection of promotional items, from branded shirts and jackets to kitschy key chains and handy picnic blankets, now available for purchase online. Products are emblazoned with logos from each of the Kalmbach brands. Additionally a line of co-op promo items includes tumblers, water bottles, pens and koozies that can be co-branded with the individual dealer’s information.

logosA Callard team including sales representative Jen Phillips rolled out the new online store this month at Kalmbach’s annual dealers’ conference, inviting dealers and vendors to browse the new promotional items in an onsite store set up just for the conference.

Kalmbach is a family-owned business with a great reputation for quality products and service, and the feed and supply shops that sell their products are dedicated to the Kalmbach brands, explains Michelle Guetle, owner of Callard. “The dealers were so excited about the new products! They not only want to buy the merchandise for business purposes, but they also want to buy things for personal use.”

In addition to setting up the merchandise store, Callard helped Kalmbach grow conference attendance with an innovative custom boxed invitation with promo. Callard also took care of designing all of Kalmbach’s conference apparel, ordering gifts to give to attendees, and putting together marketing packages for a retail marketing seminar. For these, Callard drew on the retail marketing kits they’d put together for Kalmbach a few months before, complete with retail brochures, displays and signage that could be ordered via an online store.

“This is new and foreign ground for Kalmbach,” says Bonnie Brannigan, VP of Retail Marketing at Kalmbach Feeds. “I’ve never shied away from interesting, even treacherous challenges. This is close to topping them all in terms of pioneering new ground—and trying to avoid land mines along the way. It gives me piece of mind to know that Michelle and her team are so helpful, thoughtful and invested in launching a successful partnership.”

Callard is excited to launch the Kalmbach consumer online store for Tribute, their top selling feed brand. Click on the image below to browse all of the Tribute products available.


tribute equine nutrition

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