Over the past two months, Callard has had the pleasure of hosting an intern by the name of Henry Rosenstein. Henry is from Dublin Coffman High School graduating this spring and deciding between Northwestern, The Ohio State University, the University of North Carolina or Indiana University to pursue a degree in Business or Economics.

Henry learned how a business functions and operates, how to effectively market a product and how to manage logistics. And with all the Callard product offerings, logistics was probably the busiest area for Henry to understand.

“Callard is a very active and interesting company. Meeting their staff and understanding how the various components of a business work together has really opened my eyes to areas that I want to pursue, and definitely learn more about.”

During his time at Callard, Henry also focused his efforts on marketing and on-line programs.

“My experience here will help me shape my prospective coursework, form my criteria when looking for future internships and jobs, and enhance my use of technology. The team at Callard has really helped me become better prepared for what’s ahead.”

We wish Henry all the best. He will be missed!

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