Tradeshow Tips

A tradeshow can be an exciting opportunity for companies to gain visibility, promote products and services and interact with others in the industry. However, many make the mistake of signing up with little to no vision, goal or plan as to why they are attending. This can result in not only a waste of money for your company but also a wasted opportunity. The following tips will help you take advantage of tradeshows to capitalize on booth traffic.

  1. Make sure the show is relevant. Choose a show that will help you achieve your goals. It may seem obvious, but many companies waste time and money at shows where those in attendance have very little need or interest in them. Be sure the audience is who you want to be targeting.
  2. Set goals and define a budget. Determine what you want to accomplish at the tradeshow. Whether it be gaining new listeners for your radio station or acquiring clients for your software company, go in with a clear-cut goal. Don’t forget to set a budget to make the planning process stress-free.
  3. Design your booth. Once your budget is set, you’re ready to start designing your booth. This includes any display, tent, or creative layout. Always keep in mind your target audience and what will catch their attention.
  4. Market before and after. Inform your audience and tradeshow attendees that you will be there. Begin this process anywhere from three to five months prior to the show. A few marketing ideas include writing press releases, creating an event on your website, sending informative emails and promoting across all social media platforms. Remember to follow up after the show with any stats, photos or videos of your experience.
  5. Invest in promotional products. Promotional products are a great way to promote your brand or strike up a conversation with a potential customer. However, strategically think about which products your target audience will find most useful.
  6. Review and follow up. Evaluate your budget and compare to any ROI produced from the show. This may include any new leads, customers or clients gained from the show. Don’t forget to follow up with any important prospects.

With these tradeshow tips, you can ensure that your time and money are well spent. Remember, tradeshows are opportunity for your business to grow, so plan accordingly to make it as successful as possible. Always evaluate the results of your efforts to learn what works and what can be improved.

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