23 Mar 2017

Callard Gives Back

National Volunteer and Donor Appreciation week is April 6-10. At Callard Company, we celebrate the people who dedicate their time and resources helping others.

One of Callard’s core values is giving back to the community, that’s why we were excited when one of our clients at LBrands told us about a local program called Life Town.

What is Life Town:
The program provides children with special needs a place to practice important life skills like making and keeping appointments, visiting a library, applying for jobs and following the rules while biking on a smooth service that surrounds a small lifelike community.

Volunteer Experiences:
Callard employees recently spent two consecutive Friday mornings helping out at Life Town working in various roles. During our first visit, students from the Sterling and Utica school districts visited the facility.

Everyone who attended and helped out raved about the program and the students who participated.
Here is what some of the volunteers had to say:

Stacy worked in the bike rental and snow cone shop. “What I loved most about the day was seeing the children interact with one another and truly get to have fun in a safe environment.”

Debbie donned a policeman’s hat and badge and took on the role of traffic cop. She said, “I had so much fun interacting with the kids. Just saying a little ‘good job’ or ‘you are doing great’ made them light up with big smiles. They were so proud of what they did.”

Susan worked in the art studio. “The children were so nice and engaged with the art,” she said. “One little boy in particular touched my heart. He bought a frame after seeing it said ‘I heat Mom’ printed on it. Several times while he was decorating the frame he looked up at me and said, ‘My mom is going to love this.’ Art is a wonderful way for children to express themselves and feel good about what they do.”

Both Amy and Mary said the whole experience was fantastic and would highly recommend this program to companies looking to give back to the community.

Life Town logoLearn More About Life Town:
If your company would like to learn more about how they can donate items or volunteer their time, please visit http://www.lifetowncolumbus.org/

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