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The physical and mental health of employees directly affects overall performance. Investing in health and wellness programs allows team members to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle while helping them become more engaged and productive.

According to a report released by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, over 60 percent of employers said that workplace wellness programs reduced their organizations’ healthcare costs.

At Callard, we focus on health and wellness in the workplace with chair massages for staff once a month. The employees also receive diet tips from a nutritionist who visits once a quarter.

“The staff just loves these special treats,” said Marketing and Merchandising Manager Mary Guiher who recently joined the Callard team. “I know we are all excited about the annual New Albany walk coming up in September.”

Our account team is great at suggesting health and wellness ideas. These are some of their favorites:

  • Water bottle: Our water bottle tracks the amount of water consumed. Set a challenge for water consumption so that at the end of the week the entire team can compare their results.
  • Fitness tracker: Just like with the water bottles, by giving your employees a fitness tracker you can challenge them to perform a certain amount of exercise each week. This month, our employees are tracking steps and combining their mileage progress to see how far the team trekked across Ohio.
  • Branded rewards: Branded fitness apparel or workout accessories such as yoga mats, elastic headbands and exercise kits are great products to reward your team for participating in the challenges.

The benefits of maintaining wellness programs at work can be beneficial to your team’s overall health and wellness—resulting in a healthier and more productive workplace. For more information on ways to inspire your team to achieve a healthier lifestyle, visit our blog.

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