This is what Callard Moms say is the best part of being a mother:

“Seeing them all grow into adulthood to be successful, passionate, and happy doing what God created them to do. And, of course, the beautiful grandkiddos they bring into your life.”- Jen D

“The best part of being a mother is the love I feel every day from my daughters. Creating a family is the best part of life for me. I love watching them grow into independent happy young women.” -Susan

“One of the best things for me is watching my kids grow up to be successful adults and knowing we must have done something right.”   -Donna

“To see the world through younger eyes.”-Robin

“For older kids it is seeing them use the skills you helped develop in them and watch them grow into their own person.   Hard to let go but rewarding to see that you raised them so they could let go of you.””  -Janet

“The best part of being a mother is watching your children become caring, giving, loving, productive people.”  -Elizabeth

“Transitioning from being mom, to being a friend.”  -Mary

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