Save the Date

Callard Company invites you to the Holiday Client Showcase.

September 13, 2016

Hollywood Casino

9am: Education Session
10am–2pm: Product Show


Join us to…

  • See, touch and feel thousands of the latest trends in promotional products, from the top manufacturers in the industry including food gifts, awards, apparel, along with ideas for wellness programs and tradeshows.
  • Get ideas for holiday client and executive gifts.
  • Gather new ideas to kick off 2017.
  • Learn about product safety and the steps we are taking to ensure the integrity of your brand.

This event is sponsored by The Ohio Promotional Products Association.

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Robin Wilson Callard Company

Robin Wilson is new to the Callard team, having joined as Director of Operations just weeks ago! Robin comes to Callard from Value City Furniture, where she’d worked directly with Callard as a client on promotional marketing projects. She shares more about why she decided to make the switch.

Tell us about your career background before coming on board at Callard.

I spent 15 years with The Limited and Tween Brands, which is now Justice, working in stores and store operations. After that, I moved to Value City Furniture. During my 12 years there, I bounced between the store operations department and marketing. When I was put in a role where I could make decisions on promotional marketing, I reached out to Michelle Guetle at Callard and we were a client ever since.

What kinds of promotional marketing projects did you collaborate on while you were at Value City Furniture?

All kinds of things! Callard put together leadership conference materials for us, they helped coordinate grand opening customer giveaways, they created promotional materials for our events with the Cleveland Browns football team … the list goes on and on.

Why did you decide to switch careers and move to Callard?

Callard has always been a company that I really looked up to, in big part because it’s a female-owned business. I liked the idea of coming and working for a small company, as well, but one that moves at a quick pace and that has a huge customer service base. Those are things that really set Callard apart from most.

How does working for a small company like Callard differ from working with large corporations like The Limited and Value City Furniture?

Within the office at Callard, there are about 20 of us that work together on a day-to-day basis. At The Limited, it was hundreds, and at Value City Furniture we had about 250 within the home office.

Here, it’s very much a team effort, where everyone pitches in and helps and does whatever they can to support one another. Everyone on the team is very much cross-trained to help out across the board.

As Director of Operations, what does your job entail on a day-to-day basis?

I’m being introduced to all aspects of the business, which is super appealing to me. I’m able to touch a little bit of marketing, and I’m also learning the back end, including items like HR, insurance, accounting, that sort of thing. It’s truly all the way across the board, and it’s a great opportunity to be doing this work alongside Michelle.

How do you think having been on the other side of the business, as a client, is beneficial to you in your new position at Callard?

I think it’s interesting that, when I was a client, I never saw anyone sweat. No matter what I needed, how fast, how crazy the ask was, what I heard back was, “We’ve got it, don’t worry about it, we’ve got your back.” And I had such confidence that it would happen, on time and on budget, that I never thought a thing about it.

At the time, I didn’t realize some of the things I was asking for weren’t the norm—but Callard never made me feel like they weren’t. Now that I can see it from the opposite side, I really have an appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes here. These folks were doing everything they could to make ME look good in my role at Value City Furniture.

Coming in on this side of it, I get why we’re always striving to do the impossible with every customer. Whether that’s a quick turnaround or providing them with an alternative to an item that’s out of stock, there’s always a way to say yes to the customer.

What’s the most rewarding part of your day?

Knowing that we have been able to make a client shine within their own company.

Why do you love working at Callard?

I love the diversity of my day, all the different people I get to interact with, the different areas I get to spend time with, and the team. Michelle’s team is amazing.

I’m thrilled to be here. I’ve always admired what Michelle has done with the company, and I’m really happy to be part of the team.

What do you get when you combine thousands of suppliers, promotional consultants and industry associates from around the globe? The Promotional Products Association International Expo! January will mark the largest promotional product tradeshow of the year and Callard is ready to roll the dice in Las Vegas with the best-of-the-best in the industry. Several key members of the Callard team will be traveling west to soak up the sun and some industry news as part of our commitment to bring our clients the latest and greatest of promotional products. (more…)

Save Money and Go Custom by Planning Ahead

We’ve reached year-end, big picture planning time. Buckling down and doing some thoughtful planning for your company’s promotional marketing needs could not only save you lots of money, but also could open the opportunity for designing completely custom items.

When a company is able to take a good look at their marketing plan and begin planning six months out or more for their core promotional items, the potential benefits are huge. Being able to plan for annual usage of certain products opens opportunity to save and the chance to be creative in designing promotional items.

Callard Promo Marketing Warehouse

“Let’s say you realize you’re going through 1,000 pens a month, we can offer huge savings by purchasing 12,000 at once,” Guetle explains.

And thanks to Callard’s warehousing capabilities, those big, annual orders can be stored off-site for up to one year at no cost to the client—a huge perk for businesses where space is at a premium.


Callard logo cap and shirt

Many companies take advantage of Callard’s Hold and Release program for popular items like T-shirt and hats. Commit to a year-long quantity of at least 1,000 T-shirts or hats and take advantage of the cost savings of ordering in bulk while avoiding the hassle of multiple orders. Clients don’t pay until items are shipped!

Beyond storage, Callard can handle item fulfillment on a weekly or monthly basis. Callard can pick, pack and ship needed items, billing clients based on specifications as items are shipped.


Ogio Collection

Now let’s talk about global sourcing. The potential cost savings from ordering overseas is huge—anywhere from 20% to 30%—but many companies fail to take advantage because their timelines are too short to accommodate longer production times. Plan far enough out to work with turnaround times that can range from 45 days up to 120 days, and you’ll be rewarded with much lower prices.

Custom Bags

Not only that, but going global allows clients the opportunity to design their own custom products, choosing the style, colors and decorating method to match their branding seamlessly. From one-of-a-kind bags to completely custom apparel, the possibilities are endless. Custom orders typically require high quantities, which can easily be stored in Callard’s warehouse.

“Rather than buying a tote bag right off the shelf, we can take a stock tote and modify it with a custom zipper pull, custom tag, custom pocket,” Guetle says, “or even design something completely custom from start to finish.”


Easton Umbrella

For these Easton umbrellas, Callard was able to take an umbrella and customize it with an all-over graphic creating a one of a kind gift item.

“Our creative team offers exceptional design capabilities across multiple product categories to give you the best in new, relevant products,” Guetle says. “Whether you want to modify an existing product or design one from scratch, we make your idea a reality from concept and design to delivery.”