Father’s Day is Sunday. We took this opportunity to ask Mike Guetle, Callard’s only male employee who is a father, to pick his favorite product.

Mike’s Pick: A Bluetooth® Speaker

Jam Classic (TM) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Amazing sound along with the perfect size. You can hold it in the palm of your hand making this speaker the center of any party. Works with all Bluetooth (R) enabled devices: smartphones, tablets, and more.



How Much We Spend:

The National Federation for Retailers (NFR) estimates $15.6 billion will be spent on dads this year. However, what dad wants and what he gets don’t always match up.

The website, Daily Mind (www.dailymind.com) compiled a list of facts about what dads really want versus what moms tend to buy.


Keeping dad in mind, we’ve compiled a few items that may just make this Father’s Day his best.





Great Guy Gift Ideas:


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07 Jun 2017

National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month which provides the perfect opportunity to discuss how the promotional industry works helps promote safety awareness and recognition at the workplace. From ANSI certified work wear and promotional awareness campaigns to online safety incentive programs, Callard helps our client base with their safety initiatives.

When it comes to sourcing promotional products for our clients, Callard is strongly committed to product safety and social compliance from both domestic and global suppliers. Our preferred suppliers are QCA certified in the areas of product safety and quality, social responsibility, supply chain security, and environmental impact. Our network of vendors enables us to meet clients’ needs whether it’s meeting L Brands social compliance requirements or providing safety tested products to companies like Highlights for Children.

Safety scissors - a great product for National Safety Month






To learn more about QCA, click http://www.qcalliance.org/


Last week, representatives from Callard flew to Phoenix, Arizona to take part in the Premier Group’s (PG) annual three day meeting. Established in 1997, PG represents the largest partnering group in the promotional products industry and consists of an alliance between leading distributors and suppliers throughout the United States and Canada, with nearly $250 million of distributor buying power. Callard has been a member of PG since 2014.

Business Focus:

Michelle Guetle, owner of Callard and Chair-elect of the PG Board, shared ideas with other business owners including best business practices, and spending time with Paul Ballentone, president of PPAI, who discussed the projected growth of the industry for firms focused on value add services beyond product offerings. Another key point Ballentone stressed was the importance of product safety and social compliance.


Callard was honored to win the “Doug Bruce Distributor of the Year” award. Click here for a copy of the press release.

This year’s annual meeting featured one-on-one sessions with 34 suppliers, allowing for our account team to focus on key industry trends, product case studies and product safety.  These sessions also gave both suppliers and distributors the chance to discuss key client projects in a proactive manner.




Key Takeaways:

-Market and industry trends:

– trending value-added packaging for promotional items

– emerging printing techniques for apparel

– popularity of drinkware as the number one promo product choice over pens

– Versatility of products: A move towards versatile products with multiple uses, such as a bag for work that can be turned into a backpack for adventure and duffel for the gym.

This is what Callard Moms say is the best part of being a mother:

“Seeing them all grow into adulthood to be successful, passionate, and happy doing what God created them to do. And, of course, the beautiful grandkiddos they bring into your life.”- Jen D

“The best part of being a mother is the love I feel every day from my daughters. Creating a family is the best part of life for me. I love watching them grow into independent happy young women.” -Susan

“One of the best things for me is watching my kids grow up to be successful adults and knowing we must have done something right.”   -Donna

“To see the world through younger eyes.”-Robin

“For older kids it is seeing them use the skills you helped develop in them and watch them grow into their own person.   Hard to let go but rewarding to see that you raised them so they could let go of you.””  -Janet

“The best part of being a mother is watching your children become caring, giving, loving, productive people.”  -Elizabeth

“Transitioning from being mom, to being a friend.”  -Mary


This week companies celebrated Administrative Professionals’ Week.

At Callard, we know the people who work behind the scenes play an important role in our company’s success.

We are fortunate to have such a dedicated and talented group of women working to ensure our clients’ needs are met.

Happy Administrative Professionals’ Week!